We are sorry to inform you that Breathslim® is no longer available for sale. Please contact andrew@breathslim.com for details.

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Respiratory Trainer

By paying attention to your breathing, you can literally change your life. By learning how to control your breathing, you can improve your health, your well-being and your lifestyle.

Within three days of training, you will feel an overall sense of ease, you'll sleep better, and when you wake up in the morning you'll feel energy flowing throughout your body.

Breathing Trainer

Breathslim® is a new and effective tool to improving overall health and wellness! Breathslim® is a respiratory trainer that utilizes the concept of resistance breathing. Similar to weight training for other muscle groups, Breathslim® applies “metered aero-dynamic resistance” during daily, 20 minute exercises. Just 20 minutes a day will improve lung capacity, elevate energy, reduce stress, and oxygenate your body.
You see, when your breathing habits are improper, you are lacking a critical component to your health and wellbeing — oxygen. That’s right, you aren’t getting enough oxygen! Improper breathing is shallow, restricted and untrained. This WILL negatively affect different functions of your body. Let Breathslim® change all of that with an effective and easy to use tool!
Also known as Frolov Breathing Device An affordable way of improving breathing.COST-EFFECTIVE Breathslim® is a one-time purchase product that provides you with many health benefits at an affordable cost!
Safe Breathing Device Safe Breath TrainerSAFE Breathslim® System is completely drug and chemical free, causes no negative side effects or allergies. It uses just 2 natural elements – water and air.
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Breathing Trainer Device made in the USA

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You receive:
- Breathslim® Device (Individual Use Only)
- Instructional DVD
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