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Breathslim Breathing Exercises

Respiratory Trainer

Philosophers called air “An ocean of energy” and advised that everyone should use breathing exercises to increase their bodies’ health potential.

This simple and illustrative infographic will show you the working principle of the Breathslim® System and explain why it is SO important to do breathing exercises.

Respiratory Trainer - Proper breathing increases oxygen Why Is CO2 Important?
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What’s the Role of the Diaphragm?

The main function of the diaphragm is to control breathing. Most people do not utilize the diaphragm during breathing. Breathslim® System increases diaphragm movement and lung ventilation. As a result, oxygen intake and lung efficiency are improved.

Proper breathing increases oxygen.
How Much Oxygen Is Used by Our Bodies?

Improper chest breathing limits your oxygen intake to only 5% of the total inhalation. Breathing exercises improve oxygen intake through deep abdominal breathing.

Respiratory Trainer & Proper breathing exercises
What complications are created by shallow chest breathing?
Let’s take a look
at the science
behind the scenes!
Respiratory Trainer - Increase oxygen with Breathslim
How Does Breathslim® Work?

Breathslim® creates metered aero dynamic resistance in your lungs.

Breathing Trainer Device made in the USA

Give yourself the gift
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You receive:
- Breathslim® Device (Individual Use Only)
- Instructional DVD
- Instructional Manual