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Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation Exercises & Breathing Have you ever noticed how your breathing patterns change depending on your mood or activity level?

Breathing is inextricably linked to our overall feelings of well being. We can use this connection to our advantage by encouraging relaxing using helpful breathing techniques.

The Relaxing Sigh

Sighing and yawning during the day are signs that you are not getting enough oxygen. A sigh releases a bit of tension and can be practiced at will as a means of breathing to relax.

  • Sit or stand up straight.
  • Sigh deeply, letting out a sound of deep relief as the air rushes out of your lungs.
  • Let new air come in naturally.
  • Repeat this procedure eight to twelve times whenever you feel the need for it, and experience the feeling of relaxation.

If you learn to develop an awareness of your breath, you’ll be able to take advantage of it in the moments where it can benefit you the most - when you need to wow them with your best performance, when your health is threatened, when difficult emotions have knocked you off balance. You’ll find that better breathing will slowly but surely become your “secret weapon” in every circumstance.

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