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Breathslim - Does It Work For Weight Loss?
Breathslim is a device that is intended to help with weight loss.
I was contacted by a product representative and asked if I would be willing to review the product. By way of disclaimer, I was given the product for my review. I did not purchase the product.

Development of the product
The Breathslim device is intended to provide a method of breathing control. The literature that accompanies the device indicates that it is an outgrowth of another device, the FTRD. That first device is a respiratory training device used by people with diseases of the heart and lungs.
It was noted that while under treatment with the FTRD, many people not only improved their cardiac and respiratory function, but they lost weight as well. It was that observation that led to the Breathslim device.
They state that the theory behind the effectiveness of the device is that by using it you provide increased oxygen-rich air to your bloodstream.
This oxygen in turn is utilized in metabolic processes, making those processes more efficient. And this more efficient metabolism thereby caused the metabolism or "burning" of fat in the tissue.

How the Breathslim works
The construction is fairly simple. There is a container that holds water. There is a smaller container that fits within this first container, and there are holes in the bottom of the smaller container.
A hose connects to the smaller container and at the end of the hose is a mouthpiece. You breathe through the mouthpiece. The air exits the other end of the tube and passes through the water.

The metabolic effects of using the Breathslim
Two things happen when you use it. One, the resistance of the water provides a slight bit of resistance. This is a well-known principle in medicine.
The lungs tend to collapse as air is exhaled. This is because they do not have rigid internal architecture. The lungs are basically held open by elastic fibers attached to the surface of the lungs. As the chest cavity and diaphragm constrict the lungs lose the normal tethering effect and start to collapse.
At some point the small airways close and no more air can be exhaled. This leaves a certain amount of air, even in healthy lungs, that can never be exhaled.
But when you add some resistance, the lungs stay open longer. The pressure of the resistance doesn't stop the airflow, but it does provide pressure which keeps the lungs inflated.
So as you exhale the lungs, with this bit of excess pressure within them, stay open a bit longer and you are able to exhale an extra amount of air.

Control of breathing
The second effect is caused by the smaller chamber and the air holes in the bottom of the chamber.
If you exhale too quickly air is forced from the small chamber into the water in the large chamber. And the air then pushes water out of the large chamber.
In other words, if you breathe out too forcibly, the water splashes everywhere.
The effect of this is that you are forced to control your breathing. The breaths that you take are deeper than normal - you inhale more deeply - thus opening air cells within the lungs that otherwise would never be aerated. And you exhale more fully, thus more completely emptying the lungs.
The overall effect if that you take deeper, more controlled breaths with a lower respiratory rate. The effect is that you have increased air exchange during the time you are using the device.

Weight loss cures and obesity
I found the device to be intriguing. In a day when most weight loss "cures" are useless or harmful, this is one that actually does create an apparently beneficial effect.
The use of the device does require control of breathing. Now, there are books that teach breath control, and with some study it is possible to learn these methods and practice them without a device. However, the time involved is much greater and there is no feedback to indicate whether you have achieved an improvement.

Training effect of the device
With the Breathslim there is immediate feedback. Within a few breaths you are learning to breathe more deeply and more slowly, assisted by the device and the need to control the air exchange to avoid the water spraying out.
It is this feedback that shows that you are doing it properly. And when you breathe with the device it is a very noticeable and remarkable difference from normal, unassisted breathing.
Therefore, while most weight loss devices at best do nothing, the Breathslim device provides a definite, positive effect.
And this effect is consistent with the theoretical benefit - the deeper air exchange - that the device is supposed to provide. So in that regard the device definitely works.

Will you actually lose weight?
It isn't possible to state whether any individual will lose extra weight by training with the Breathslim. There are too many factors with weight loss and those mechanisms that lead to weight loss are too easily overcome by the individual.
There is no method - whether diet or exercise or medication or surgery - that cannot easily be overwhelmed by the actions of the individual. So because of this it is not possible to state whether any given individual would lose weight by adding this to their regimen.
However, given the modest cost of the device, is it worth a trial? Perhaps it is.
Weight loss is not just diet and exercise. Anything that improves the mental health or the health of the body is of benefit in weight loss.
It is not possible to have a fit and trim body without a high metabolism, and those things that lead to a higher metabolism all contribute to weight loss.
Increased volume of fresh air to the lungs and oxygen circulated through the bloodstream are factors that are beneficial to the overall health and are certainly important elements of metabolism and weight loss.

Dan Curtis, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of South Florida

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