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Get in on the Breathslim Buzz

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Oscar Wilde once said, “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about” so clearly the folks at Breathslim® must be pleased their respiratory trainer is creating a buzz from websites such as Dude I Want That.

Known as a geek’s gift guide to gadgets, gear and novelties, Dude I Want That reports, “On the one hand, the Breathslim apparatus looks ridiculous. Like something the infirm folk would be required to use from a hospital bed or nursing home…On the other hand, Breathslim reviews aren’t bad.”

It’s true! The Max Fitness site confirms Breathslim is an effective way to combat insomnia and get a better, deeper sleep in general. “It was hard to get used to breathing with the stomach muscles and I had to consciously focus on inhaling and exhaling to ensure that my chest did not move,” reports Max Frankel. “After a few minutes, this new way of breathing became a decently natural process; while doing work on my laptop I had barely even noticed that this wired white hose was hanging out of my mouth! After 5 to 10 minutes, I began to feel a deep relaxation, a serious ‘wow’ moment. I turned to my girlfriend and told her that I felt like I had taken a sleeping pill. My mood was pleasant, I was drowsy, and before I knew it I was fast asleep with the Breathslim lying on the bed!”

Acupuncturist author Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P) says doing breathing exercises with Breathslim can also benefit asthma sufferers as well as those seeking to lose weight, explaining, “This is the machine to use for your breathing retaining and it really is quite nice to blow bubbles as one increase the oxygenation of one’s cells and tissues…created to help asthma sufferers the Breathslim breathing device is serious medicine. Sold in the United States it is now being marketed for weight loss because it increased oxygen and metabolism to a significant enough level as to burn more fat thus helping to lose weight and keep it off.”

Internationally renowned scientist, writer and breathing trainer Artour Rakhimov, PhD adds, “If we practice continuously for, let’s say 15 to 20 minutes, our breathing pattern will be changed because the breathing center is going to adapt to higher CO2 levels. At once we finish the exercises there is a noticeable effect: breathing becomes slower and lighter; and that effect is going to last for many hours.” Yet the breathing expert suggests Breathslim may not help sleepers who breath through their mouths, nor will it result in weight loss without users adding additional exercise and other healthy habits to their lifestyle.

The review at Normal Breathing concurs, stating, “In order to achieve certain success with Breathslim, one needs to increase his or her morning body-oxygen levels. Correction of lifestyle risk factors is necessary for a more efficient breath-changing and life-changing project. Obviously, following two central rules of the Buteyko method (eat only when you are hungry and stop eating at the first signs of satiety) are also important for Breathslim to work.”

Of course, there’s no way to know if Breathslim can help you lose weight, gain sleep gain, renew energy or obtain a youthful glow unless you try it for yourself. The inexpensive drug and chemical free respiratory trainer is available at

This Evening Routine Will Have You Sleeping Sound and Waking Ready

Evening rituals to get a sound sleep and wake up with full energy

It never seems to surprise how tired we feel after work, but still have sleepless nights. It’s a conundrum, but luckily there are methods to help unwind and set your mind to sleep mode at the end of an active day. After all, you need all the sleep you can get to do this all over again tomorrow and the next day, and the next day..

The best road to a good night’s sleep is with a good night ritual. Here are some items that you should put in your evening ritual, organized from first to last in the order to be done before going to sleep, but the order can be scrambled if you choose.

1. Close down digitally

This should be the last time that you engage with electronics for the evening. Check your email, Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social media account, and then turn it on silent and put it away for the evening. If you use this device as an alarm clock, set that now.

2. Journaling

This is a time to check your schedule for tomorrow and review the past day, and then grab a notebook and write down stray thoughts and ideas. We recommend the analog paper and pen method because looking at a screen too close to bedtime actually contributes to sleepless nights, and you’re supposed to be “disconnected” for the rest of the evening, remember?

3. Light snack

Eating shortly before bed sounds a bit counterintuitive, but a light snack like yogurt and berries can actually help you have more energy in the morning.

4. Bathroom

In addition to your nightly bathroom routine, which gets you in the proper state of mind for sleep, a hot bath is the perfect way to loosen up and relax the body before hitting the sheets.

5. Visualization

Visualization exercises are great for focusing on your goals and recommitting yourself to them, but it also serves to disconnect your mind from the realities of day-to-day life, the stressors that can keep you tossing and turning. This is the time to think about your career aspirations, personal goals, or even just picture yourself sleeping – fake it until you make it.

6. Stretching

This is one more opportunity to loosen up the body and fill your lungs and blood with oxygen so you’re better rested and less stiff in the morning.

7. Read

Reading is another way to disconnect from the worries in your mind and the hassles of day-to-day life. Reading a good book distracts you while exercising your mind and providing joy.

Breathing 101

Proper breathing tips!

You are what you breathe
If you’re taking shallow short breaths, you’ll be short on energy and short on patience since poor breathing leads to stress and depression among other unwanted side effects. But if you learn how to breathe properly by taking long deep breaths, you’ll receive a long list of health benefits such as deeper sleep, less stress, greater energy, weight loss, and more.

Let the breaths begin
Sit with your back straight and hands in your lap. Before you take in a deep breath, envision your breath moving down and expanding into your body in the shape of a bell, flaring and pushing down and outward into your abdomen in all directions. Got it?

The glass is half full—of air
Now inhale slowly and deeply for a count of three. Think of your lungs as an empty glass that will be filled with the invisible air you breathe in. Once the imaginary glass is filled with air, pause, and then slowly exhale for three seconds. As you empty your lungs, make sure to use your abdominal muscles to squeeze out all of the air. Now pause for a second, and repeat again.

Healthy habit
If you begin to make this a regular part of your day, you’ll feel an improvement in both your physical and mental health. Of course adopting a new habit isn’t always easy so you’ll have to make a concerted effort to incorporate this into your daily routine. Just set aside five uninterrupted minutes—be it in the morning, on a mid-day break or before bed— when you can sit with your eyes closed and mind focused. Then visualize that bell, that glass, and the newer, healthier you!

Breathing buddy
Once you’re ready to up your breathing exercises from five minutes a day to 20 minutes, check out Breathslim®. The breathing trainer device applies metered aero-dynamic resistance to help improve lung capacity, elevate energy, reduce stress with stress relievers, and oxygenate your body when used during daily, 20-minute exercises.

Deep Belly Breathing

Breathing Exercise - Deep Belly Breathing

Mindful meditation reduces stress, improves energy and aids in weight loss. Yoga practice calls for inner meditation with a type of breathing that is outwardly noticeable, like in Vinyasa flow yoga. In this breathing, the meditator makes a sound like “shh”as she exhales. It is intense, and is to be felt deep in the “belly”.

Deep breathing is difficult to maintain. It takes practice. Often, we take shallow breaths that only expand the chest. Shallow breathing encourages fatigue, weight gain and stress. During meditation, we experience slower breathing that expands the diaphragm sending more oxygen to the lungs per every inhale. Only 5% of oxygen is taken in with a shallow breath. Proper deep breathing brings in around 10%.

A psychological study showed the physiological differences in yoga meditation breathing and shorter breath, breathing. The study allowed 11 meditators to practice yoga techniques while 11 control group members were to remain “wakefully relaxed.” During the 40 minutes, six of 11 people from the wakefully relaxed group fell asleep, but none of the meditators did. The meditators uniquely experienced a reduction in respiratory rates. This effect continued after they’d stopped meditating.

By continual practice of yoga meditation, deep breathing becomes a natural default. It means more oxygen to the lungs and brain causing increased alertness. Something as simple as proper breathing increases energy! A respiratory training tool can help.

In a few short minutes of focused Vinyasa style breathing, anxiety is lessened. With consistent deep belly breathing overall stress is reduced.

1 Elson, B. D., Hauri, P. and Cunis, D. (1977), Physiological Changes in Yoga Meditation. Psychophysiology, 14: 52–57.doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8986.1977.tb01155.x

Oxygen Facials face off against Breathing Exercises


Oxygen facials are all the rage since celebs from Joan Collins to Madonna (and even youthful Emma Stone) are reportedly using the beauty procedure instead of Botox.

In an effort to eliminate the appearance of aging, oxygen facials deliver oxygen, moisturizer, vitamins and antioxidants to the skin through an airbrush. Costing on average $200 a visit, the treatment instantly plumps and smooths the face without telltale red splotches. It also allows users to apply makeup immediately afterwards—something one cannot do after a traditional facial.

Yet since oxygen facials are not traditional, there lacks sufficient research to confirm its effectiveness. Some skeptics suggest the facials are only a temporary improvement while others question whether the nutrients used in the process will actually wind up irritating the skin.

One thing that is clinically proven is the fact that pure oxygen intake can make a person look and feel better. A safer and less expensive alternative to oxygen facials are breathing exercises with a respiratory trainer such as Breathslim® (which costs a quarter of one oxygen facial treatment and can be done in the privacy of your home).

The Breathslim® System is completely drug and chemical free as it uses just two natural elements: water and air. By utilizing the concept of resistance breathing, Breathing trainer oxygenates the body without the risk of allergies or other negative side effects.

If you do your breathing exercises for 20 minutes a day, you’re likely to appear more youthful. In addition to enhancing your skin, the method offers improved lung capacity, increased energy, stress reduction, and even weight loss!

Tired of being tired?


If you’re tired of being tired, it’s time to muster all your energy to take action. First, make an appointment to see your doctor to find out if the fatigue you’re feeling is related to anemia, arthritis, depression, diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea or thyroid disease. If you do indeed suffer from one (or more) of these diseases, your physician will help you find the proper treatment. If you continue to feel fatigue after starting your new medication, tell your doctor. But if you find you do not suffer from these diseases and need no medication, you probably need to change your habits.

Sleep on this
Make sure you’re getting enough rest. That may sound obvious but breaking bad sleep habits is not as easy as it sounds, particularly for people who are genetically-predisposed to experiencing energy boosts at night. If this is you, then try to accommodate your natural cycle by arranging your schedule to allow for short naps (no longer than 30 minutes) during the day. Believe or not, a 10-minute nap can sufficiently boost energy.

Movers and shakers
You may feel like you’re too exhausted to exercise but shaking off the cobwebs and moving around (ie, exercising) will give your body more energy. Even walking or doing yoga for 20 minutes a day will increase energy, enhance sleep, and help you lose weight!

Weighing in
Being overweight can negatively affect sleep and make one tired. So, be sure to look at what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, and how often you eat. Studies show a diet rich in omega-3 oils will boost alertness. Whole grains and other complex carbohydrates are preferable to refined carbohydrates. And drinking lots of water combats dehydration which drains energy. Being gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian also helps. Lastly, reduce the size of your portions and—believe it or not—increase the frequently of your meals. Several small dishes a day can help steady your blood sugar level more effectively than three meals that are huge.

Just breathe
Humans burn fat as their main source of energy but as we age, our breathing becomes shallower and we receive less oxygen. This slows down metabolism and other functions of the body. To help maintain a normal oxygen balance, begin breathing exercises with Breathslim® for 20 minutes a day. The safe and affordable respiratory trainer tool helps increases oxygen intake which then burns more calories and fatty tissues. As a result, you’ll have the energy, strength and motivation to exercise more, sleep better, and live a healthier and more active life.

Yeowza! You Look Great: 6 simple tips to get in shape


Now that winter and its doldrums are done, there’s no excuse not to get into better shape by incorporating a healthy, safe and easy routine. Simply follow the six steps listed below and by summer you’ll be saying, “Yeowza! I look and feel great!”

Yoga can change the physical and mental frame of anyone at any level. Whether taking classes at the gym or watching an instructional DVD at home, choose a method that works for you from Hatha yoga and relaxation yoga to hot yoga and power yoga—or even prenatal yoga.

Eliminate temptation foods which are processed and high in calories, salt, sugar or carbs. You can’t break down and binge on fatty treats if they’re not in your reach.

Oxygen is the key to everything. You need it to live—and to lose weight. By taking just 20 minutes a day to practice breathing exercises, you can increase lung ventilation up to almost 100% and increase oxygen intake which helps burn fat. Breathslim® is a safe and effective respiratory trainer tool that utilizes the concept of resistance breathing. It applies metered aero-dynamic resistance to properly oxygenate your body. Best of all, you can adopt this affordable method in the privacy of your own home.

Water is essential. Not only does it have zero calories, it helps flush out excess water weight and jump-starts your metabolism. Plus, it’s refreshing—especially if you add a slice of cucumber, sprig of mint, or rind from a lemon or orange.

Get your zzz’s. Research shows plenty of rest helps one’s metabolism. That’s why those who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation often gain weight. If you practice your breathing exercises with Breathslim® before you go to bed, it can help you sleep, so make sure you rearrange your schedule to allow for more zzz’s, even if it’s just 15 minutes to a half hour more a day—or rather, night.

Alternative snacks will help you stay on the wagon. If you’re a sucker for ice cream, replace it with creamy Greek yogurt. Instead of reaching for oatmeal cookies, have a small bowl of oatmeal. Rather than eating fruit-flavored candy, why not just eat fruit. You’ll find it’s more filling and actually tastes better than processed treats. Plus, you’ll have more energy to boot.

If you follow this Y-E-O-W-Z-A list, you’re bound to have a spring in your step this spring—and for all the seasons to come.

Benefits of using Breathslim

Benefits of using Breathslim



1.       Weight loss.

Breathslim exercises improve lung ventilation and delivery of oxygen to the blood. They also improve blood stream through capillaries and oxygen supply to the tissues that burns more fat.

2.       Improved sleep.

Slow rhythmical breathing provides relaxation and better, deeper sleep.

3.       Boosts metabolism.

After exercising with Breathslim body receives more oxygen which improves aerobic metabolism in cells. This breathing technique improves lymph circulation and toxins elimination from the body which is very important for safe increase of metabolism.

4.      Exercises with Breathslim are beneficial for new mothers and pregnant women.

It improves venous blood circulation which is a good preventive measure against developing varicosity. These exercises help maintain normal abdominal muscle tone. If a woman can control her breathing it is easier for her to handle pains and relax during delivery. During delivery it is very important to be able to shift the attention from pain to constructive activity – correct breathing. This way a woman can follow doctor’s instructions easier while providing enough oxygen for her baby.

5.       Diaphragmatic breathing with Breathslim program creates light pressure on liver and gall bladder which improves bile flow that dissolves fats coming with food. Movement of diaphragm during the exercise provides deep massage of intestines helping the action of bowels.

6.       Visceral fat is the fat that is accumulated around internal organs and serves as a cushion from shocks and vibration during moving, running or jumping. However excess abdominal fat tissue obstructs blood stream through veins as well as lymph circulation. Too much fat around the waistline also hinders the proper movement of diaphragm which disturbs lung ventilation and oxygen balance in the body. This, in turn, leads to shortness of breath and sleep apnoea. Breathslim restores normal diaphragmatic movement, thus eliminating these negative effects.

7.       Exercises with Breathslim increase oxygen supply to the blood and improve bloodstream through capillaries. This is especially important for brain activity as it uses about 20% of all oxygen coming into the body with inhalation.

8.        For elder people exercises with Breathslim have a great value. They improve lung ventilation which usually goes down with aging. Breathing training increase bloodstream through capillaries and improve lymph circulation which compensates negative effects of physical inactivity in elder people.

9.        Slow rhythmical breathing with extended exhalation cause relaxing effect.  Breathslim increases oxygen supply into brain which helps eliminate emotional stress.

10.       For people with diabetes improvement of oxygen balance increases body’s ability for glucose oxidation. Improved bloodstream through capillaries helps protect patients with diabetes from such serious complications as cataract or diabetic foot.

11.       Breathslim exercise improves breathing regulation, reduce shortness of breath and helps clean air passages. This improves state of health of people with asthma and allows to greatly decrease medicine intake:

12.       The main source of energy in the cells is adenosinetriphosphoric acid. Oxygen is needed for it’s synthesis as it oxidizes food molecules. When lung ventilation improves, oxygen supply improves as well. This allows to oxidize more glucose molecules and produce more energy.

All this is based on more than 15 years of our experience with Frolov’s device in Russia, many researches on different breathing techniques and clinical studies. We can’t claim that we are treating something, we are explaining how Breathslim can help change the way we breathe, which in turn helps in all of the mentioned conditions.

The idea of benefits of correct diaphragmatic breathing is not new, mastering the technique is difficult. So what Breathslim does is because it’s a simple device it helps anyone learn and master this correct type of breathing easier and faster. It provides immediate feedback on whether you are doing it right.