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The most invisible and dangerous fat


Human life is impossible without fat tissue. It’s a known fact that fat is a source of energy for our bodies.

Fat is also a perfect shock absorber protecting the internal organs. It is especially important for protecting abdominal organs as they don’t have such “hard” protection as skull bones or ribs.

Usually when people notice they gained some excess weight and see their body shape changing they start actively fighting with subcutaneous fat (under the skin). But it is much more important to remember about a more serious and invisible danger. It is “invisible fat” that is called visceral adipose tissue (VAT). This fat tissue is absolutely necessary for our lives. It is located inside the abdominal cavity and that’s why it is invisible. It supports normal functioning of all internal organs – stomach, liver, gall bladder, intestines, kidneys and genitals.












Visceral fat is accumulated around internal organs and serves as a cushion from shocks and vibration during moving, running or jumping.

But the danger of visceral fat tissue is that it’s not just fat, it is a very active biological tissue. Dr. Arthur Frank, Medical Director of the George Washington University weight management program, says that the danger to health is not determined by the fact that you have excess weight, but rather by where it is concentrated in your body. If all of your excess weight is concentrated around your waistline, it is better to start losing it!

Cells of visceral adipose tissue produce about 30 hormones and metabolic substances that provoke development of illnesses associated with obesity. And this “invisible danger” is gradually accumulated inside the abdominal cavity.

In case of visceral obesity, there are 20-30 times more of free fatty acids coming into the bloodstream compared to norm. Excess fat tissue inside the abdominal cavity obstructs normal functioning of internal organs which creates hormonal problems both in men and women.

Clinical studies carried in University of Florida in Tampa, showed that women suffering from breast cancer had 45% more deep abdominal fat than those who didn’t have this disease.

Excess abdominal fat tissue obstructs blood stream through veins as well as lymph circulation. Too much fat around the waistline also hinders the proper movement of diaphragm which disturbs lung ventilation and oxygen balance in the body. This, in turn, leads to shortness of breath and sleep apnoea.

This makes it harder to do any intensive aerobic exercises and it is obvious that dieting alone is not enough to fight with visceral fat.

In case of having excess visceral fat it is much more effective to follow a program that will help “stir up” fat stored inside the abdominal cavity, increase lung ventilation and improve oxygen metabolism.

Breathslim program is targeted to solve these particular problems. It’s main goal is to develop optimal diaphragmatic breathing which provides intensive massage of the abdominal cavity and increases lung ventilation. Special breathing technique stimulates blood stream in capillaries of visceral fat tissue. It is a proven fact that fat burning is safe only if the body can remove toxins quickly and effectively.

Exercises with Breathslim switch on the optimal function of diaphragm that starts working as a powerful pump that circulates lymph through the whole body, therefore, providing quick toxins removal.








Breathslim exercises will also save you from such unpleasant cosmetic issue as loose belly. If we lose abdominal and visceral fat too quickly, we’ll get saggy skin that doesn’t make us look more attractive. Breathslim allows improving metabolism along with gradually getting rid of excess visceral fat. Combination of these two factors will keep your stomach toned and you will get this desired waist where it should be.