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Too Hot? Try Breathwork

Long-awaited summer is finally here and we all are hoping to have a good time. But sometimes summer heat can cause some undesired problems. First of all, heat can cause additional discomfort for people with extra weight.

It’s not easy to stay active when it’s above 90F outside and even a simple walk becomes a real struggle. It’s hard to breathe, we start breathing faster and this may even lead to wheezing.

We also sweat more when it’s hot and thus get dehydrated. Our air passages get dry because of faster water evaporation which also makes it harder to breathe. Heart and vessels also need to work harder in hot weather – heart beat rises and blood pressure shoots up.

Dealing with temperature extremes like severe heat can lead to extra stress upon the body. Our body is constantly working to maintain its normal temperature, and when we are exposed to higher levels of heat (or cold), the body will require extra amounts of energy to keep itself at 98.6 degrees. And this extra energy will need higher amounts of oxygen to fuel, and will make lungs work much harder to supply the extra level required.

So, how can we help our body to protect itself against the negative effects of heat?

The answer is simple. Just learn to breathe correctly and train your lungs with Breathslim®! These short exercises (just 20 minutes a day) can be done anytime anywhere – at home, at work… Even in a traffic jam!

Breathing exercises help improve lung function and capacity and decrease the risk of gasping in a hot weather. Slow deep breathing that you’ll acquire will improve heart activity and blood circulation in vessels.

With Breathslim®, your body will also intake twice more oxygen than with normal breathing. This will provide that extra energy your body needs to maintain normal body temperature and reduce stress.

Let’s get a breath of fresh air this summer with Breathslim®!