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Five Best Workouts for Asthma Sufferers

All healthcare professionals promote the benefits of exercise and strongly encourage people to be active. This is easier said than done for asthmatics that worry that exercise can be more harm than good. However, being active can actually help your asthma. Approximately 80 percent of asthma sufferers aren’t getting enough exercise because they are worried about triggering an attack.

By engaging in the proper activities, you can have a fun workout and be athletic without risking your health. Exercise improves lung capacity, helps cope with everyday chores (i.e. cleaning, shopping, etc.), and will increase your stamina. As an asthma sufferer, you have to be sure to use an inhaler when engaging in any strenuous physical activity and have it on you at all times, just in case. You should also drink plenty of water. If exercise triggers symptoms, you are either going too hard or your asthma isn’t well controlled and you should reach out to your doctor.

1. Walking
Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous activity that leaves you winded. Studies have shown that adults who took walks up to three times per week for 12 weeks actually improved their asthma symptoms, while also getting fit without provoking an attack.

Best Workout for Asthma Sufferers - Walking

2. Yoga
Yoga is the perfect exercise for people suffering from asthma. Yoga is all about breathing control and therefore activates the lungs while reinforcing your control. A study has shown that a couple of hours of Hatha yoga per week over a 10-week span helped asthma patients decrease their medication doses.

Best Workout for Asthma Sufferers - Yoga

3. Golf
Asthmatics do best with staggered activity instead of prolonged, full-throttle action. You can take a swing and walk to the next tee at a leisurely pace, and golf is also stimulating for the mind. Just be sure to keep an eye out for pollen and other allergens if you have an allergic component to the asthma.

Best Workout for Asthma Sufferers - Golf

4. Swimming
Swimming may be the best higher-intensity workout for asthmatics. Swimmers typically breathe in warm, highly humidified air while also remaining mostly horizontal. The horizontal position may loosen mucus that has accumulated in the bottom of the lungs. However, excessive chlorine exposure can trigger an asthma attack. A rule of thumb is that if you can smell the chlorine, it’s too much.

Best Workout for Asthma Sufferers - Swimming

5. Baseball/Softball
Baseball and softball have a lot of downtime whether you’re in the dugout, stopped at a base, or hanging out in the outfield. These long periods of downtime are broken up by spurts of high-intensity action. Be sure to use an inhaler 15 to 30 minutes before playing, drink a lot of water in the dugout, and warm up before the game.

Best Workout for Asthma Sufferers – Baseball and Softball

Obesity and asthma


Being overweight, especially obese (a body mass index, or BMI, greater than or equal to 30), is a risk factor for developing asthma.

In a meta-analysis of seven prospective studies that included 333,000 subjects, obesity increased the risk of developing asthma in both men and women by 50 percent.

There are various reasons why obesity worsens asthma. The reasons for this include the mechanical effects of truncal obesity and the metabolic effects of adipose tissue. Оbese asthmatics have smaller lung capacity, which causes the muscles around the lung airways to contract more, resulting in more asthma symptoms. The small airways in obese asthmatics are more likely to stay closed during normal breathing, causing less oxygen exchange in these airways.


Excess weight impairs respiratory function via mechanical and metabolic pathways. The accumulation of abdominal fat, for example, may limit the descent of the diaphragm, and in turn, lung expansion, while the accumulation of visceral fat can reduce the flexibility of the chest wall, sap respiratory muscle strength, and narrow airways in the lungs.

Asthma is more common and often harder to treat in the obese population.

Asthma in patients with obesity is characterized by more severe course, a reduced response to standard therapy.

Obese asthmatics get hospitalized 4.6 times more than asthmatics with normal BMI.

Researchers at National Jewish Health have shown that glucocorticoids, the primary controller medication for asthma, are 40 percent less effective in overweight and obese asthma patients than in those of normal weight.

“This study identifies what could be a significant issue for the 20 million Americans with asthma; specifically, the main controller medication might be less effective if you are overweight or obese,” said Dr. Sutherland.

The main reason is that obese people usually need a higher dose of medications.

This is why for obese people with asthma special breathing exercises that improve lung function, increase lung ventilation and improve oxygen exchange are especially necessary.

Breathslim program is targeted to solve these particular problems. Its main goal is to develop optimal diaphragmatic breathing which increases lung ventilation, decreases shortness of breath, improves oxygen supply to the blood and gives you energy to do physical exercises. Training with Breathslim also switches on the optimal function of a diaphragm that starts working as a powerful pump that circulates lymph through the whole body, therefore providing quick toxins removal.

All this combined with other benefits of this program provides a better quality of life for people with asthma and excess weight.