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Relationship of Breathing and Nutrition: “Optimal Breathing Diet”

This topic is of concern to many people, because the quality of nutrition is considered to be the main factor for health and longevity. It’s almost impossible to give universal nutrition recipe. This is due to the fact that breathing exercises are done by different people — men and women of different age, sedentary patients with multiple sclerosis and professional athletes and so on. These people live in different climatic regions; have different national and religious traditions, digestive systems.

Products have different pH indexes and thus can indirectly have influence over the activity of the breathing center and pH balance in blood and tissues. This is also true for the lung ventilation and breathing processes in tissues as well.

It has been proven that in the process of breathing training people tend to eat less. On the whole, the experience allows to give one nutrition tip during breathing trainings -- diet diversity and moderation is the key.

American Council on Science and Health in 2008 recommends the same: «3. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Eat a balanced diet. Handle foods safely.The keys to good nutrition are variety, moderation, and balance. There are no "good" or "bad" foods—but there certainly are "good" and "bad" diets. »

Here’s Michael White’s opinion on “breathing and nutrition”:

«When we consistently breathe better we need less food and can go comfortably longer between feedings; if it’s living food instead of cooked, we have even more “energy to burn”. If you have been eating predominantly cooked foods, you will find that eating more living foods with live enzymes adds immensely to the entire process. Enzymes and breathing are totally synergistic… Breathing is not the panacea for all of your problems, but breathing is at the top of the list of MY priorities. You can learn to breathe better safely and easily, and with an increased amount of live nutrient and enzyme rich food in your diet, you will become healthier and happier and get lots more out of life.»

We definitely should avoid overeating and sameness in nutrition. Cut down on eating deep-fried and smoked products to the limit, sweet products and sugar, white flour products, alcohol and coffee. Choose an individual nutrition program for the year. Have some hunger days. Whip up a vegetarian table or drink fruit juices or maintain reasonable starvation regime, drink enough water. And remember to keep a diet diary to choose best products for you!

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