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New Diet For Your Brain

Gaining extra weight creates lots of problems with health and lowers the quality of life. Problems with joints and spine, stertorous breathing – these are just a few issues that accompany weight problems. But there lies far more serious and almost invisible aspect that we usually don’t notice until it’s too late. The “heart” of the problem is the state of nervous system and brain function. Memory, focus disorders, mood swings – all of them are the “close friends” of excess weight.

Scientists have proven an evident influence of binge eating on cognitive functions. The connection comes from the high-calorie food, which leads to the nervous stress and structural changes in the brain. Intellect, memory and other indicators in the control group were on the average 25% lower than in people with normal weight.

It’s widely known that brain function affects behavior and the ability to control food consumption. In most cases, overeating happens when people try to mac out negative emotions. Dramatic food restriction provokes the will to eat more and this long-term stress can lead to a diet depression.

This is the fact that a lot of programs for combating obesity include various kinds of psychotherapy or drugs to influence the brain function. Their long-term administration can create tons of problems due to their possible side effects, that is why to prevent those issues, you should choose methods and means that can be taken long-term and without any side effects.

Until now, there was no way to fight this problem, but now such  method does exist. Specialists recommend using Breathslim breathing system as a solution. Why is that? Because everyone can use it! This method is great for relieving stress, it calms you down. A calm person breathes better and controls his behavior and food intake. Breathing with the Breathslim increases O2 blood and brain saturation, thus improving memory, mood and sleep. This useful technique has one side effect – you will get rid of food cravings and decrease your appetite! To sum everything up, Breathslim has created a perfect way for correction of  extra weight and mental functions.

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