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The Benefits of Breathing Exercises for Relaxation

Take a deep breath. That is what they say isn’t it? Because nothing is so calming as the reiteration of things you probably already know. Actually, the truth is that taking a deep breath works. The feats of human lung capacity and controlled breathing are truly amazing. In 2002, a new Guinness World Record was set for circular breathing, one continuous note for 47 minutes, 6 seconds. Discovering how proper breathing works to better oxygenate can help many people develop good habits for reducing stress, increasing health and losing weight.

The basis of improving breathing is born from breathing exercises for relaxation. Breathing to relax and keep a body at peace is a time tested process that has been proven in physical activities like yoga and tai chi, each of which practice strict control over the body to achieve a desired goal. Controlled breathing ultimately results in heightened levels of relaxation. Hence, that old adage: take a deep breath.

So how do breathing exercises for relaxation work?

Better breathing begins from the diaphragm. The main function of the diaphragm is to control breathing. As a person breathes properly the diaphragm expands. The direction of its expansion is both the easiest way to diagnose natural breathing habits, and to fix those habits that result in the perpetuation of anxiety, panic, and stress. When under duress, many people begin breathing more quickly, with their shoulders rising through each brief inhalation. As a result, people may experience heightened levels of stress, muscular tension and ache, and an eventual sense of panic.

The best way to combat the symptoms of poor breathing technique is with breathing exercises for relaxation. The good news about instances of panic is that the body can be used to mitigate and end a panic attack. By controlling inhalation, people can reclaim their bodies from panic states. The most common term for stress relief breathing is belly breathing, because as air is taken in, the abdomen expands out rather than shoulders going up. This action helps to oxygenate the body. Once victim of panic begins breathing properly, with the abdomen and diaphragm controlling breath rather than the neck and shoulder, he or she will feel the panic subside.

How do deep breathing exercises for weight loss work?

Stress and weight loss are often linked by a negative correlation. As on goes up, the other goes down. Additionally, certain breathing practices can increase energy that is necessary to motivate a good workout. These practices are Bellows breathing and three part breathing.

Most people do not utilize the diaphragm during breathing. For those who need help activating their diaphragm, Breathslim can help your diaphragm movement and lung ventilation. This is done by helping you take in deeper and more steady breaths. As a result, oxygen intake and lung efficiency are improved. While deep breathing is an act of the mind just as much of the lungs, and unfortunately cannot prevent the affects of lung diseases or sleep apnea it is a great start at rejuvenating the lungs and the body.

Breathing: A Natural Approach to Weight Loss, Asthma, and Insomnia

According to WebMD, at least 40 million Americans suffer from diseases that are related to respiratory issues, like COPD. As the Centers for Disease Control continues, almost 36% of American adults are struggling with obesity, leading directly to further problems with their breathing. Naturally, being unable to breathe, or breathe properly, is extremely dangerous to our health in more than one way.

Perhaps, then, it should not be surprising to find out that many of the problems that reduce our respiratory function can actually be treated by exercising and training our respiratory systems. As the science continues to evolve, it seems that breathing exercises are beneficial to those struggling with weight loss, asthma sufferers, and the millions of Americans who are finding it hard to sleep at night.

Breathing for Weight Loss

According to Harvard Health Publications, breathing for weight loss is becoming an exceptionally popular method for the overweight or obese looking to reach their goals. By looking to oxygenate the body through deep breathing exercises, such as those performed with a lung trainer, our cells become much more active. In effect, oxygen weight loss works by giving our cells the ability to burn more energy in a shorter period of time.

Breathing for Asthma

Statistics from the CDC show that 25 million Americans have asthma. Unfortunately, that number is growing every year. Recent studies have shown that people suffering from asthma actually have a faster resting breath rate than everyone else. The Buteyko breathing method teaches asthmatics to breathe shallowly and slowly through the nose when they are short of breath. However, as points out, asthmatics would benefit overall by learning how to breathe with their diaphragm all the time, improving their health while cutting healthcare dollars.

Breathing for Insomnia

The National Sleep Foundation finds that 44% of Americans report occasional insomnia, with 22% experiencing sleep difficulties every night. One of the most common ways to fix sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea, is by using positive airway ventilation. However, if incorrectly prescribed to patients who have normal blood oxygen levels above 94%, this form of forced oxygen can cause brain damage.

Like weight loss and asthma, insomnia can actually be treated by learning how to improve your breathing. LiveStrong points out that by using the same methods we use for stress relief breathing, we can improve our sleep. Deep breathing exercises release seratonin, a crucial hormone associated with relaxation and restful sleep.

Learning to Breathe for Health

Almost half (45%) of women with sleep-disordered breathing develop mild dementia, versus the 31% among those who sleep normally. This is one reason why, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 12.7% of American adults have used breathing for weight loss and other health purposes.

Whether you want to learn about breathing for weight loss, asthma, or insomnia, you should first consult your doctor. Once you have the all clear, you can learn how to breathe by practicing yoga or through the help of a respiratory trainer. Whatever you do, realize that learning to breathe properly may be the key to your health.

5 Tips to Make Your Holidays Enjoyable

Breathslim   Holidays are often called a period  for weight gain, but for you they don’t have to be.

There’s nothing wrong in a little guilt of eating dishes you love, and here’re some tips for you to keep extra weight off and enjoy the Christmas.

1. You can avoid the consequences of overeating and alcohol consumption with the help of breathing gymnastics, because over 70% of toxins are removed from the body by breathing.

2. Full abdominal breathing helps to reduce weight gain by improving digestion.

3. Slow even abdominal breathing helps to overcome sleep deprivation, which is unavoidable during Holidays.

4. Regular breathing trainings with the Breathslim System provide the body with necessary amounts of oxygen and strength for some holiday activities!

5. If you travel during Holidays, breathing exercises will help you to cope with jet lags and adapt faster.

Breathslim – Now Officially Clinically Tested!

University of California

Breathe Slim Inc. is pleased to announce that we have just completed a three months double blind study in the Clinical Exercise Research Center (CERC) in the Division of Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy on the University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus.

Forty sedentary adult men and women (20-55 years of age) with body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 25 were recruited to visit the USC Health Sciences Campus for 3 testing sessions. All 40 subjects performed resistive expiratory muscle training using the Breathslim device over the duration of the study.

The main findings of the study are that resistive expiratory muscle training using the Breathslim device increased fat free mass which translates into increased energy expenditure, raising resting metabolism and result in loss of body fat.

Over the duration of the study, subjects also completed an online training journal. Based on review of the training journals, subjects experienced improved energy throughout the day, reduced food cravings, and better sleep. The reports in the daily training journals suggest that the subjects had a positive experience while performing the breathing exercise and there were no negative reports by study subjects.

New Diet For Your Brain

Gaining extra weight creates lots of problems with health and lowers the quality of life. Problems with joints and spine, stertorous breathing – these are just a few issues that accompany weight problems. But there lies far more serious and almost invisible aspect that we usually don’t notice until it’s too late. The “heart” of the problem is the state of nervous system and brain function. Memory, focus disorders, mood swings – all of them are the “close friends” of excess weight.

Scientists have proven an evident influence of binge eating on cognitive functions. The connection comes from the high-calorie food, which leads to the nervous stress and structural changes in the brain. Intellect, memory and other indicators in the control group were on the average 25% lower than in people with normal weight.

It’s widely known that brain function affects behavior and the ability to control food consumption. In most cases, overeating happens when people try to mac out negative emotions. Dramatic food restriction provokes the will to eat more and this long-term stress can lead to a diet depression.

This is the fact that a lot of programs for combating obesity include various kinds of psychotherapy or drugs to influence the brain function. Their long-term administration can create tons of problems due to their possible side effects, that is why to prevent those issues, you should choose methods and means that can be taken long-term and without any side effects.

Until now, there was no way to fight this problem, but now such  method does exist. Specialists recommend using Breathslim breathing system as a solution. Why is that? Because everyone can use it! This method is great for relieving stress, it calms you down. A calm person breathes better and controls his behavior and food intake. Breathing with the Breathslim increases O2 blood and brain saturation, thus improving memory, mood and sleep. This useful technique has one side effect – you will get rid of food cravings and decrease your appetite! To sum everything up, Breathslim has created a perfect way for correction of  extra weight and mental functions.

Relationship of Breathing and Nutrition: “Optimal Breathing Diet”

This topic is of concern to many people, because the quality of nutrition is considered to be the main factor for health and longevity. It’s almost impossible to give universal nutrition recipe. This is due to the fact that breathing exercises are done by different people — men and women of different age, sedentary patients with multiple sclerosis and professional athletes and so on. These people live in different climatic regions; have different national and religious traditions, digestive systems.

Products have different pH indexes and thus can indirectly have influence over the activity of the breathing center and pH balance in blood and tissues. This is also true for the lung ventilation and breathing processes in tissues as well.

It has been proven that in the process of breathing training people tend to eat less. On the whole, the experience allows to give one nutrition tip during breathing trainings -- diet diversity and moderation is the key.

American Council on Science and Health in 2008 recommends the same: «3. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Eat a balanced diet. Handle foods safely.The keys to good nutrition are variety, moderation, and balance. There are no "good" or "bad" foods—but there certainly are "good" and "bad" diets. »

Here’s Michael White’s opinion on “breathing and nutrition”:

«When we consistently breathe better we need less food and can go comfortably longer between feedings; if it’s living food instead of cooked, we have even more “energy to burn”. If you have been eating predominantly cooked foods, you will find that eating more living foods with live enzymes adds immensely to the entire process. Enzymes and breathing are totally synergistic… Breathing is not the panacea for all of your problems, but breathing is at the top of the list of MY priorities. You can learn to breathe better safely and easily, and with an increased amount of live nutrient and enzyme rich food in your diet, you will become healthier and happier and get lots more out of life.»

We definitely should avoid overeating and sameness in nutrition. Cut down on eating deep-fried and smoked products to the limit, sweet products and sugar, white flour products, alcohol and coffee. Choose an individual nutrition program for the year. Have some hunger days. Whip up a vegetarian table or drink fruit juices or maintain reasonable starvation regime, drink enough water. And remember to keep a diet diary to choose best products for you!

Benefits of using Breathslim

Benefits of using Breathslim



1.       Weight loss.

Breathslim exercises improve lung ventilation and delivery of oxygen to the blood. They also improve blood stream through capillaries and oxygen supply to the tissues that burns more fat.

2.       Improved sleep.

Slow rhythmical breathing provides relaxation and better, deeper sleep.

3.       Boosts metabolism.

After exercising with Breathslim body receives more oxygen which improves aerobic metabolism in cells. This breathing technique improves lymph circulation and toxins elimination from the body which is very important for safe increase of metabolism.

4.      Exercises with Breathslim are beneficial for new mothers and pregnant women.

It improves venous blood circulation which is a good preventive measure against developing varicosity. These exercises help maintain normal abdominal muscle tone. If a woman can control her breathing it is easier for her to handle pains and relax during delivery. During delivery it is very important to be able to shift the attention from pain to constructive activity – correct breathing. This way a woman can follow doctor’s instructions easier while providing enough oxygen for her baby.

5.       Diaphragmatic breathing with Breathslim program creates light pressure on liver and gall bladder which improves bile flow that dissolves fats coming with food. Movement of diaphragm during the exercise provides deep massage of intestines helping the action of bowels.

6.       Visceral fat is the fat that is accumulated around internal organs and serves as a cushion from shocks and vibration during moving, running or jumping. However excess abdominal fat tissue obstructs blood stream through veins as well as lymph circulation. Too much fat around the waistline also hinders the proper movement of diaphragm which disturbs lung ventilation and oxygen balance in the body. This, in turn, leads to shortness of breath and sleep apnoea. Breathslim restores normal diaphragmatic movement, thus eliminating these negative effects.

7.       Exercises with Breathslim increase oxygen supply to the blood and improve bloodstream through capillaries. This is especially important for brain activity as it uses about 20% of all oxygen coming into the body with inhalation.

8.        For elder people exercises with Breathslim have a great value. They improve lung ventilation which usually goes down with aging. Breathing training increase bloodstream through capillaries and improve lymph circulation which compensates negative effects of physical inactivity in elder people.

9.        Slow rhythmical breathing with extended exhalation cause relaxing effect.  Breathslim increases oxygen supply into brain which helps eliminate emotional stress.

10.       For people with diabetes improvement of oxygen balance increases body’s ability for glucose oxidation. Improved bloodstream through capillaries helps protect patients with diabetes from such serious complications as cataract or diabetic foot.

11.       Breathslim exercise improves breathing regulation, reduce shortness of breath and helps clean air passages. This improves state of health of people with asthma and allows to greatly decrease medicine intake:

12.       The main source of energy in the cells is adenosinetriphosphoric acid. Oxygen is needed for it’s synthesis as it oxidizes food molecules. When lung ventilation improves, oxygen supply improves as well. This allows to oxidize more glucose molecules and produce more energy.

All this is based on more than 15 years of our experience with Frolov’s device in Russia, many researches on different breathing techniques and clinical studies. We can’t claim that we are treating something, we are explaining how Breathslim can help change the way we breathe, which in turn helps in all of the mentioned conditions.

The idea of benefits of correct diaphragmatic breathing is not new, mastering the technique is difficult. So what Breathslim does is because it’s a simple device it helps anyone learn and master this correct type of breathing easier and faster. It provides immediate feedback on whether you are doing it right.



The most invisible and dangerous fat


Human life is impossible without fat tissue. It’s a known fact that fat is a source of energy for our bodies.

Fat is also a perfect shock absorber protecting the internal organs. It is especially important for protecting abdominal organs as they don’t have such “hard” protection as skull bones or ribs.

Usually when people notice they gained some excess weight and see their body shape changing they start actively fighting with subcutaneous fat (under the skin). But it is much more important to remember about a more serious and invisible danger. It is “invisible fat” that is called visceral adipose tissue (VAT). This fat tissue is absolutely necessary for our lives. It is located inside the abdominal cavity and that’s why it is invisible. It supports normal functioning of all internal organs – stomach, liver, gall bladder, intestines, kidneys and genitals.












Visceral fat is accumulated around internal organs and serves as a cushion from shocks and vibration during moving, running or jumping.

But the danger of visceral fat tissue is that it’s not just fat, it is a very active biological tissue. Dr. Arthur Frank, Medical Director of the George Washington University weight management program, says that the danger to health is not determined by the fact that you have excess weight, but rather by where it is concentrated in your body. If all of your excess weight is concentrated around your waistline, it is better to start losing it!

Cells of visceral adipose tissue produce about 30 hormones and metabolic substances that provoke development of illnesses associated with obesity. And this “invisible danger” is gradually accumulated inside the abdominal cavity.

In case of visceral obesity, there are 20-30 times more of free fatty acids coming into the bloodstream compared to norm. Excess fat tissue inside the abdominal cavity obstructs normal functioning of internal organs which creates hormonal problems both in men and women.

Clinical studies carried in University of Florida in Tampa, showed that women suffering from breast cancer had 45% more deep abdominal fat than those who didn’t have this disease.

Excess abdominal fat tissue obstructs blood stream through veins as well as lymph circulation. Too much fat around the waistline also hinders the proper movement of diaphragm which disturbs lung ventilation and oxygen balance in the body. This, in turn, leads to shortness of breath and sleep apnoea.

This makes it harder to do any intensive aerobic exercises and it is obvious that dieting alone is not enough to fight with visceral fat.

In case of having excess visceral fat it is much more effective to follow a program that will help “stir up” fat stored inside the abdominal cavity, increase lung ventilation and improve oxygen metabolism.

Breathslim program is targeted to solve these particular problems. It’s main goal is to develop optimal diaphragmatic breathing which provides intensive massage of the abdominal cavity and increases lung ventilation. Special breathing technique stimulates blood stream in capillaries of visceral fat tissue. It is a proven fact that fat burning is safe only if the body can remove toxins quickly and effectively.

Exercises with Breathslim switch on the optimal function of diaphragm that starts working as a powerful pump that circulates lymph through the whole body, therefore, providing quick toxins removal.








Breathslim exercises will also save you from such unpleasant cosmetic issue as loose belly. If we lose abdominal and visceral fat too quickly, we’ll get saggy skin that doesn’t make us look more attractive. Breathslim allows improving metabolism along with gradually getting rid of excess visceral fat. Combination of these two factors will keep your stomach toned and you will get this desired waist where it should be.