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Breathing: A Natural Approach to Weight Loss, Asthma, and Insomnia

According to WebMD, at least 40 million Americans suffer from diseases that are related to respiratory issues, like COPD. As the Centers for Disease Control continues, almost 36% of American adults are struggling with obesity, leading directly to further problems with their breathing. Naturally, being unable to breathe, or breathe properly, is extremely dangerous to our health in more than one way.

Perhaps, then, it should not be surprising to find out that many of the problems that reduce our respiratory function can actually be treated by exercising and training our respiratory systems. As the science continues to evolve, it seems that breathing exercises are beneficial to those struggling with weight loss, asthma sufferers, and the millions of Americans who are finding it hard to sleep at night.

Breathing for Weight Loss

According to Harvard Health Publications, breathing for weight loss is becoming an exceptionally popular method for the overweight or obese looking to reach their goals. By looking to oxygenate the body through deep breathing exercises, such as those performed with a lung trainer, our cells become much more active. In effect, oxygen weight loss works by giving our cells the ability to burn more energy in a shorter period of time.

Breathing for Asthma

Statistics from the CDC show that 25 million Americans have asthma. Unfortunately, that number is growing every year. Recent studies have shown that people suffering from asthma actually have a faster resting breath rate than everyone else. The Buteyko breathing method teaches asthmatics to breathe shallowly and slowly through the nose when they are short of breath. However, as points out, asthmatics would benefit overall by learning how to breathe with their diaphragm all the time, improving their health while cutting healthcare dollars.

Breathing for Insomnia

The National Sleep Foundation finds that 44% of Americans report occasional insomnia, with 22% experiencing sleep difficulties every night. One of the most common ways to fix sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea, is by using positive airway ventilation. However, if incorrectly prescribed to patients who have normal blood oxygen levels above 94%, this form of forced oxygen can cause brain damage.

Like weight loss and asthma, insomnia can actually be treated by learning how to improve your breathing. LiveStrong points out that by using the same methods we use for stress relief breathing, we can improve our sleep. Deep breathing exercises release seratonin, a crucial hormone associated with relaxation and restful sleep.

Learning to Breathe for Health

Almost half (45%) of women with sleep-disordered breathing develop mild dementia, versus the 31% among those who sleep normally. This is one reason why, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 12.7% of American adults have used breathing for weight loss and other health purposes.

Whether you want to learn about breathing for weight loss, asthma, or insomnia, you should first consult your doctor. Once you have the all clear, you can learn how to breathe by practicing yoga or through the help of a respiratory trainer. Whatever you do, realize that learning to breathe properly may be the key to your health.

Sleep Hygiene

Breathslim Sleeping Bliss!

Donene Lashbrook Shares How Simple Breathing Exercises Helped Her Get Rid of Insomnia and CPAP Machine!

Benefits of using Breathslim

Benefits of using Breathslim



1.       Weight loss.

Breathslim exercises improve lung ventilation and delivery of oxygen to the blood. They also improve blood stream through capillaries and oxygen supply to the tissues that burns more fat.

2.       Improved sleep.

Slow rhythmical breathing provides relaxation and better, deeper sleep.

3.       Boosts metabolism.

After exercising with Breathslim body receives more oxygen which improves aerobic metabolism in cells. This breathing technique improves lymph circulation and toxins elimination from the body which is very important for safe increase of metabolism.

4.      Exercises with Breathslim are beneficial for new mothers and pregnant women.

It improves venous blood circulation which is a good preventive measure against developing varicosity. These exercises help maintain normal abdominal muscle tone. If a woman can control her breathing it is easier for her to handle pains and relax during delivery. During delivery it is very important to be able to shift the attention from pain to constructive activity – correct breathing. This way a woman can follow doctor’s instructions easier while providing enough oxygen for her baby.

5.       Diaphragmatic breathing with Breathslim program creates light pressure on liver and gall bladder which improves bile flow that dissolves fats coming with food. Movement of diaphragm during the exercise provides deep massage of intestines helping the action of bowels.

6.       Visceral fat is the fat that is accumulated around internal organs and serves as a cushion from shocks and vibration during moving, running or jumping. However excess abdominal fat tissue obstructs blood stream through veins as well as lymph circulation. Too much fat around the waistline also hinders the proper movement of diaphragm which disturbs lung ventilation and oxygen balance in the body. This, in turn, leads to shortness of breath and sleep apnoea. Breathslim restores normal diaphragmatic movement, thus eliminating these negative effects.

7.       Exercises with Breathslim increase oxygen supply to the blood and improve bloodstream through capillaries. This is especially important for brain activity as it uses about 20% of all oxygen coming into the body with inhalation.

8.        For elder people exercises with Breathslim have a great value. They improve lung ventilation which usually goes down with aging. Breathing training increase bloodstream through capillaries and improve lymph circulation which compensates negative effects of physical inactivity in elder people.

9.        Slow rhythmical breathing with extended exhalation cause relaxing effect.  Breathslim increases oxygen supply into brain which helps eliminate emotional stress.

10.       For people with diabetes improvement of oxygen balance increases body’s ability for glucose oxidation. Improved bloodstream through capillaries helps protect patients with diabetes from such serious complications as cataract or diabetic foot.

11.       Breathslim exercise improves breathing regulation, reduce shortness of breath and helps clean air passages. This improves state of health of people with asthma and allows to greatly decrease medicine intake:

12.       The main source of energy in the cells is adenosinetriphosphoric acid. Oxygen is needed for it’s synthesis as it oxidizes food molecules. When lung ventilation improves, oxygen supply improves as well. This allows to oxidize more glucose molecules and produce more energy.

All this is based on more than 15 years of our experience with Frolov’s device in Russia, many researches on different breathing techniques and clinical studies. We can’t claim that we are treating something, we are explaining how Breathslim can help change the way we breathe, which in turn helps in all of the mentioned conditions.

The idea of benefits of correct diaphragmatic breathing is not new, mastering the technique is difficult. So what Breathslim does is because it’s a simple device it helps anyone learn and master this correct type of breathing easier and faster. It provides immediate feedback on whether you are doing it right.



How to get a good night’s sleep and stop snoring

Gaining couple excess pounds doesn’t effect your health and may make your body only look better.
But 15-25 extra pounds might cause problems, in particular – may be a cause for snoring.
As we all know, snoring not only disturbs other people’s sleep, but causes breathing troubles during sleeping and as a result, we feel tired in the morning.
Therefore, sleeping problems, snoring and breathing troubles have there place in a long list of problems that people with excess weight have to face, affecting the quality of their lives even more.
If we can’t relax after long working day, brain cells can’t function normally. This leads to bad regulation of exchange processes and, as a result, storing excess fat increases while it’s processing slows down.
When we snore, we experience apnoea. Sleep apnoea causes reduction of oxygen content in the body and has negative effect on carbohydrate metabolism. All this leads to slow and incorrect metabolism and problems of nervous system.
In serious cases, the only reliable way of solving this problem is to use a special device. This device creates air flow under small therapeutic pressure. This air flow allows a person to breathe through special mask during sleep. This face mask prevents snoring and normalizes breathing during sleep.
But why wait when situation becomes critical and you’ll have to sleep wearing a face mask every night?
You can improve metabolism, normalize breathing and get rid of insomnia by simple breathing exercises with the special device.
Breathslim technology uses special breathing pattern which creates a small pressure in your lungs. This improves lung ventilation and oxygen supply to the blood. Special program that was developed by a group of specialists will help you relax and get a good deep sleep through the whole night.
During calm and deep sleep your body receives necessary amount of oxygen and burns fat for producing energy.
As a result, you feel fresh and energetic in the morning!
To learn more about this breathing technique, please visit