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Blow off holiday stress–literally!

Stressed Businesswoman

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” or so says the seasonal song. Yet when winter rolls in, so does holiday stress. That’s what Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research found when they randomly surveyed 786 adults (18-years or older) by phone.

According to the study, 67% of lower-middle income people worry about not having enough money during the holidays with 60% pointing to the stress that the commercialism of the season causes. In fact, 44% feel anxious about the impending credit card debt that accompanies gift-giving.

Examining the figures more closely shows women bare the brunt of holiday angst with 69% stressing over both a lack of money and a lack of time, while 55% of men were bothered over a lack of funds and 63% were stressed by a lack of time. At 51%, more than half of the women surveyed also feel pressure when it comes to gift-giving whereas the task only affects 42% men.

Of course, even at less than half, these numbers are still high. And the situation only becomes compounded by the way in which people go about soothing their stress. According to the study, 43% men and 37% women admitted to drinking more alcohol from Halloween to New Year’s Eve. Worse are the figures for stress and comfort eating during the holidays which affect 80% of women and 79% of men.

Fortunately there is a healthy and cost-efficient way to overcome stress. It’s called breathing deeply! This simple yet effective method can also help battle the bulge that comes with holiday binging. It also can give you more energy to tackle all the extra errands that come with the season.

Although breathing is natural, most people don’t do it correctly. Too often they  take short shallow breaths from the mouth instead of long, deep breaths from the nose that moves the abdomen and fills the  lungs with the oxygen it needs. To help re-learn how to breath (the right way) try Breathslim®. This inexpensive breathing device applies metered aero-dynamic resistance during daily, 20-minute exercises to improve your lung capacity, reduce stress, elevate energy, and help make everyday the most wonderful time of the year.

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