We are sorry to inform you that Breathslim® is no longer available for sale. Please contact andrew@breathslim.com for details.

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Take advantage of our breakthrough health and wellness technology! Whether you own a large corporation or a home based business, establishing a partnership with us will give you the ability to deliver innovative and effective solutions for your customers while maintaining a healthy profit margin.


1. Become an Affiliate
We generate a custom coupon code that your customers can use to receive a special discount when they purchase through our website. Coupon codes are fully track-able. Once a sale is generated with your specific coupon code, you get paid!

2. Become a Distributor
Receive Breathslim® units at exclusive wholesale pricing that will help you boost your business! By becoming a distributor, you will have a access support programs which include complimentary consultations from our specialists in respiratory medicine and recreation therapists, marketing materials and other forms of distributor support.

Want Breathslim® to be part of your affiliate network? Please send us an email.

To become a partner, please send all inquiries to business@breathslim.com or complete the form below.

We look forward to mutual growth and success!

3. International Inquiries

If you are an international client and would like to do business in the following territories, please click on the link and contact our exclusive distributor in the respective territory.

South Korea

For international inquiries in other territories, please complete the informational form below and we will respond to your request within 48 hours.

Breathing Trainer Device made in the USA

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You receive:
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