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Breathing For Sports And Fitness

Breathing For Sports And Fitness

In order to achieve significant results in sports, a diversified training of respiratory system is necessary. It is essential to have high resistance to hypoxia (low O2 content) and hypercapnia (high CO2 content), as well as good respiratory muscle endurance. It's been proven that hypoxic training increases power and helps stabilize heartbeat frequency. Respiratory training that combines both hypoxia and hypercapnia increases maximum physical power by 23% and overall exercise capacity by 55%.

Studies show that breath resistance training has a positive influence on the respiratory system: respiratory muscle strength and endurance are increased, resistance to hypoxia and hypercapnia is greatly improved, and the amount of energy supplied to the muscles also increases with improved aerobic performance.

The optimal training program of the respiratory system would be the one that simultaneously uses several training factors, trains breathing and bronchis muscles, optimizes lung ventilation and blood circulation, and increases body adaptation capacities.

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