We are sorry to inform you that Breathslim® is no longer available for sale. Please contact andrew@breathslim.com for details.

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Try Breathslim® Advanced Program

Training your lungs is just like training your muscles in the gym. In order to get better results you need to increase the activity.

Exercise Level Inhalation (nose/mouth), sec Pause, sec Exhalation (mouth), sec Water volume, ml/fl.oz Exercise duration, min
Beginner* Nose, 2-3 sec 2-3 8-10 50/1.7 15-20
Intermediate Mouth, 3-5 sec 3-5 10-15 25/0.85 15-20
Advanced Mouth, 5-7 sec 5 15-20 35/1.2 20-25

* Before proceeding to the intermediate or advanced levels of training, please make sure that you spend no less than 7 to 10 days on the beginner level and are comfortable with the exercise.

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