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Breathslim®. Clinically Tested.

Breathslim® has successfully underwent a three month, double blind study at the Clinical Exercise Research Center (CERC) in the Division of Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy of University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus.

Forty sedentary adult men and women (20-55 years of age) with body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 25 were recruited to visit the USC Health Sciences Campus for 3 testing sessions. All 40 subjects performed resistive expiratory muscle training using the Breathslim® device over the duration of the study.

“The main findings of the study are that resistive expiratory muscle training using the Breathslim device increased fat free mass which translates into increased energy expenditure, raising resting metabolism and result in loss of body fat.

Over the duration of the study, subjects also completed an online training journal. Based on review of the training journals, subjects experienced improved energy throughout the day, reduced food cravings, and better sleep. The reports in the daily training journals suggest that the subjects had a positive experience while performing the breathing exercise and there were no negative reports by study subjects”.

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