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Breathing For Weight Loss

Scientists have noticed a trend that shows that as our body mass
increases, our mobility decreases; this makes our bodies weak.

Breathing Exercises For Natural Weight Loss
Many people try to solve this problem by exercising more and even doing aerobics. However, this is not the best solution because in order to perform physical exercises and, especially, to do aerobics our bodies need to receive enough oxygen from each breath. The main problem is that if there is extra weight and minimum physical activity, lung function and oxygen intake from breathing decrease greatly.

That’s why people with extra weight find it difficult to do physical exercises; they get shortness of breath, become tired quickly and simply can’t handle aerobic activities.

In order to change that, we need to start with improving our breathing and the first step would be to do breathing

Breathing for weight loss

Breathslim® was specially developed for this purpose. During Breathslim® exercises we perform deep diaphragmatic breathing. This improves lung ventilation and lymph circulation, which is responsible for removing toxins from our body – this is a very important factor for weight loss.

Breathing for weight loss

Breathslim® exercises create resistance to breathing during exhalation which allows to increase lung ventilation up to almost 100% and, as a result – greatly increase oxygen intake. Most importantly, more oxygen helps burn more fat!

These factors are crucial for healthy, non-strenuous and natural weight loss.

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