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Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises Take a moment - yes, right now - and draw in a couple of slow deep breaths.

While you were enjoying those slow, deep breaths, a number of remarkable changes were taking place in your body: your blood chemistry began to change, your blood pressure came down, your immune system got a boost, your emotions softened, your body’s ability to heal increased, and your mind and entire body began to operate more efficiently.

The following breathing exercises, when practiced regularly along with your Breathslim Respiratory Trainer, can improve your life and health.

The Clenched Fist


breathing exercise

will encourage better breathing.
  • Stand up straight, hands at your sides.
  • Inhale and hold a complete natural breath as described above.
  • Raise your arms out in front of you, keeping them up and relaxed.
  • Gradually bring your hands to your shoulders. As you do, slowly contract your hands into fists so that when they reach your shoulders they are clenched as tight as possible.
  • Keep the fists tense as you push your arms out straight again very slowly.
  • Pull your arms back to your shoulders and straighten them out, fists tense, as fast as you can, several times.

The Rolling Breath

Breathing ExerciseThe following breathing exercise is effective in stress relief and helping to relax.

  • Lie on your back. Put one hand on your abdomen and one hand on your chest.
  • Inhale and exhale as in deep, relaxed breathing, but each inhale is taken in two stages: abdomen, then chest. Imagine that you are breathing into your hand as you fill your belly with air. When your abdomen feels full, continue breathing into your chest. Exhale fully through the chest and belly simultaneously.
  • Repeat. It is important to keep a rhythmic rolling effect between abdomen and chest. Breathe at your natural pace, however.

 Any of the above techniques can and should be practiced every day, in addition to using your Breathslim Lung Trainer. It will take some time before you observe the profound changes within your body and mind taking place, but practice diligently and patiently.

You will eventually realize that you have more energy
and are much more relaxed.

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